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Business Consulting

Providing professional consulting services for your business, Rabbit Hole Business Solutions addresses the financial health, the management practices, operational efficiency, and software tools of your company. We provide business owners with a personalized plan of action and the framework to effectively manage their business. With an open mind and a passion for what we do, we support your team in embracing the consulting process, navigating the changes, and celebrating the successes throughout the journey.

Founder Ken Kehs

DSC_4924 ReducedKen enjoyed a successful career in the aerospace industry. His career focused on wind tunnel testing of developmental fighter aircraft and spanned 25 years. Early in his career he was assigned to a team charged with redefining the entire process of designing, fabricating, and testing of wind tunnel models. The new process coupled with software tools developed by Ken resulted in projects being managed to within 5% of budget versus the previous 20%. Ken continued to refine his project planning and management skills leading efforts that reduced the overall cost of a test article by as much as 30% while decreasing the budget variance to 2%.

Ken continued to advance his career with Lockheed Martin and served as the Wind Tunnel Coordinator for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). He was responsible for coordinating and integrating the wind tunnel test activities for the $100M plus testing program. Ken was one of the recipients of the Aero Star Team Award for managing the multi-year test schedule across numerous facilities while successfully completing more than 10,000 hours of testing.

Community Support

Translating his fundamental management techniques beyond the aerospace industry, Ken discovered that his proven method for success could be implemented in any size or type of business. As the Development Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters, Ken employed his knowledge and experience to double the proceeds of Bowl for Kids’ Sake and exceeded the overall financial goals by 30% in his first year. Ken is committed to helping business owners succeed and he brings his expertise, enthusiasm, patience, and proven business practices to small and medium size businesses.