What’s In A Name?

rabbit-hole-business-solutions-nameMuch like Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole, making changes to your business can be full of unknowns. When we are confronted with unknowns we tend to create fear and suddenly find ourselves stopped, reluctant to act, or we do more of what is already not working. We end up losing our way.

Business owners often begin with passion and follow their dreams only to find themselves entrenched in daily activities and working long hours in their business. Similarly, the company may be doing well and the owner wants to grow the company but doesn’t know how to move forward. In both scenarios identifying a clear set of goals is the first step in choosing your path.

When Alice inquires about finding her way, and explains that it doesn’t matter where she goes, the Cheshire Cat’s response is simple, “Then it really doesn’t matter which way you go.” Much like a business without clearly defined goals, Alice is without a precise destination so there is no path to choose. She may have the goal of returning home but does not yet know what she wants to do when she gets there. Just like a business owner, Alice needs to realize the importance of setting clear goals and then choosing a path that will lead to the successful completion of those goals.

Finding your path can be a challenge but you don’t have to go it alone. Just as Alice found her way through Wonderland, your business can achieve its goals. And Rabbit Hole Business Solutions will be there to lead you through the unknowns.