Marketing & Sales

marketing-sales-bgMarketing and sales are terms that are, at times, used interchangeably. In reality they are two distinct items that are intertwined when properly implemented. Marketing includes all of the materials and efforts that lead your customers to the door. Sales is the process that closes the deal.

A successful marketing and sales program requires a clear understanding of your ideal client(s). To identify your ideal client you first must answer the question: “What are the benefits my customers receive from my goods and/or services?” The truth is that customers are more interested in the needs your company fulfills rather than the products or services themselves.

Once you know the characteristics of your target market you can now develop a focused marketing plan. Marketing encompasses branding, promotional materials such as business cards and brochures, website, social media, and various types of advertising. It is important to communicate a clear, consistent message; and critical that you track how well each method is working.

Converting the leads to sales is the next step. In today’s environment there are many options to connect with your potential customers and foster relationships with your existing customers. The idea is for you to develop the protocol specific to your business for the entire sales team to follow. In addition to tracking the production of each sales person you will also need to track the effectiveness of the methods being employed.