Greg Steinberger

Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab hired Rabbit Hole Business Solutions to create systems needed to grow our business. Ken identified the critical factors to meeting our growth plans. He then assisted me in addressing the systems most critical to our needs. For us, Ken created a production planning tool that is critical to our business. In 2012 we believed we were at maximum capacity on our ice cream production. However, with the new planning tool Ken created we increased output by 20% this year, and we did it with only a 5% increase in direct labor! The real bonus to me is that we did this while I reduced my direct involvement with production process by about 20 hours per week, allowing me to concentrate on managing the company’s growth. This tool even allowed me to feel comfortable taking a vacation during a peak production period!

If there is an aspect of your business that seems only you, the owner, can do right, I encourage you to talk with Ken. He can create a system that will ensure your business runs to your exacting standards without your continual involvement. His help can be the key to allowing your business to meet your needs, whether it is growth or freedom from day-to-day operations.

My experience has been that even one conversation with Ken can provide an insight into my company of which I wasn’t aware. I found working with Ken to be very insightful. I am very pleased with the results and continue to retain his services.