Kathy Schultz

I was ready to call it quits and close the door. Life was way too stressful and I was constantly worried about the state of our business, we weren’t treading water, we were drowning! Our business had grown so quickly that we had no time to devote to the managerial aspects that are tantamount to success. We were working day and night and still struggling with both the workload and the finances. Then we met Ken and everything changed. With his calm, upbeat, professional and respectful demeanor, he quickly worked his way into not only our business minds, but our hearts as well. With Ken’s help, we have transformed our business into a thriving, well organized and managed performing arts school. We have increased our revenue by 18% and by properly investing our time, efforts and monies our net profit increased 110%! Life is good again, and I am excited to see where our future will take us! Thank you so very much Ken for all you have done and are continuing to do for us, and for becoming such a great friend as well!