Suzanne Eisworth

I can’t say enough about how valuable Ken Kehs has been to our organization. I have been the treasurer of the Coastal Performing Arts Foundation (CPAF) since its inception in 2011. CPAF is a non-profit organization that began as Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet and has since evolved to encompass Coastal Chamber Youth Ballet, Coastal Youth Theater and Beyond Boundaries. All programs are dedicated to providing exceptional performing arts experiences for local youth. With such growth came the need for stronger bookkeeping. By 2015 the bookkeeping and the number and size of financial reports generated each month had become overwhelming. In need also was a way to track budgets for the different programs and have them “roll up” into the overall budget for the foundation. The board agreed to enlist the assistance of Ken Kehs with Rabbit Hole Business Solutions to help the organization re-vamp its chart of accounts, create budgets and develop a reporting system for the board of directors. The three sub-organizations each have their own programs which require separate budgets.

Ken helped us tie everything together by creating a master file using Microsoft Excel. In this file all budgets roll up into a budget for each program and each program’s budget rolls into the overall one for the foundation. The accounts and budgets all correspond directly to the accounts and budgets in our accounting software. Ken is highly knowledgeable and very easy to work with. His expertise was instrumental in getting CPAF’s books cleaned up and creating the necessary budgets needed. Having a clean and organized financial structure I am able to perform the bookkeeping duties in the most accurate and efficient way possible. Recognizing that CPAF is a non-profit Ken was gracious enough to extend a reduced rate for his services. I highly recommend Ken’s business consulting services to any organization.