Suzanne Eisworth

When my bosses told me they were hiring a business consultant in late 2014 I was skeptical! We were struggling to keep our doors open, financially, and from their perspective, emotionally as well. Where was the money going to come from? My concerns were alleviated immediately after I began working with Ken Kehs. Based on his style, demeanor and expertise I could tell he would help us, not drain us. And he did. He helped us revamp every part of the business, from creating budgets to creating more business to creating improved communication between management and employees. We have a budget and a financial reporting system we use monthly to analyze how the business is doing with our revenue and expense.

Profitability increased 434% in 2015 from 2014! This year we are at 285% of our projected profit!

Ken has helped us create an Operations Manual, and Organization Chart and Job Descriptions, all vital internal components to set up a business for success. We have regular staff and management meetings for disseminating information, fostering communication and analyzing the health of the business. He has helped me in my specific work with CDMA as well. I have a greater understanding of Quickbooks and am using it more effectively and efficiently for handling all things financial. Ken helped me set up the reporting system we using monthly to get a clear picture of where we are at. I have gained a great deal of professionalism in my job from working with Ken.

Ken is extremely easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable without being intimidating. He is honest and approachable. He also happens to be a kind and caring person! I highly recommend Ken Kehs to anyone that needs a leg up to improvement and success in any or all parts of their business.